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Panel Mediators

HK Mediation Alliance Panel Mediators would provide affordable and professional mediation services. Potential mediation service users can email us info@mediationalliance.hk for enquiry and referral or contact Panel Mediators direct.

Membership No. Name Occupation / Profession Post Probono / Paid Contact
989 Ms Chow Lau Wai King, Karin Human Resources Consultant Vice President Both karin@mediationalliance.hk
998 Ms Mau Siu Kwan, Annita Public Affairs Consultant Vice President Both annita@mediationalliance.hk
999 Mr Look Ting Wah, Denys Credit Management President Both denys@mediationalliance.hk
801 Mr Au Yeung Wai Sun, Vincent Police Sergeant Community Panel Co-ordinator Both auyeungwaisun@yahoo.com.hk
803 Mr Chan Hoi Wan Managing Director Commercial Panel Co-ordinator Both hwchan18@yahoo.com.hk
804 Mr Choy Sze Chung, JoJo Securities Broker Securities Panel Co-ordinator Both jojochoy@yahoo.com.hk
806 Ms Chu Mau Lam, Maureen Health and Nutrition Consultant Community Panel Co-ordinator Both maureen.hkmea@gmail.com
807 Mr Leung, Joseph ICT Consultant ICT Panel Co-ordinator Both joseph@mediationalliance.hk
808 Mr Ng Yuen Hing, Charles Sales Management Insurance Panel Co-ordinator Both maxellconsultants@gmail.com
809 Mr Shum, Raymond Property Management Property Management Panel Co-ordinator Both raymondshum88@hotmail.com
810 Mr Tin Kwun Tat, Ringo I-Ching Practitioner Environment Panel Co-ordinator Both kwuntat@yahoo.com.hk
811 Mr Tsang Hon Keung, Matthew Social Worker School Panel Co-ordinator Both hon_keung2002@yahoo.com.hk
813 Ms Chang, T. Joanne Legal Counsel Taiwan Panel Co-ordinator Both joanne.t.cchang@gmail.com
814 Mr Fung Ho Yuen Management Training Consultant Guangzhou Panel Co-ordinator Both tommyhyfung@hotmail.com
701 Ms Chan Wai Yin, Angelina Assistant Manager (Housing & Property) Panel Member Both wyannchan@hotmail.com
703 Ms Chan Yan Ting Account Executive (Media) Panel Member Both andreolcyt@gmail.com
704 Ms Chan Ying Nor Supply Chain Manager Panel Member Both chanyingnor@yahoo.com.hk
706 Mr Cheng Man Tai Jeffrey Team Leader (Customer Service) Panel Member Both jeffrey.cheng@live.hk
707 Mr Chia Chuen Yuen, Jabbie Merchandising Manager Panel Member Both jabbiechia@yahoo.com
708 Mr Chow Kin Kei, Andes Estate Agent Panel Member Both andeskkchow@yahoo.com.hk
709 Ms Chow Wing Shan Banking Panel Member Both shan_123@hotmail.com
710 Mr Chung Tat Wah Assistant to the Director (Tourism) Panel Member Both twchung2012@gmail.com
711 Mr Fong Po Shan, Christabel Retired Police Panel Member Both christabelfong@gmail.com
713 Ms Kwan Mei Chun, Catherine Registered Nurse Panel Member Both yutsin148@gmail.com
714 Mr Kwan Wai Lun, Simon Healthcare Services Panel Member Both kwlsimon@gmail.com
716 Ms Kwong Kin Mui, Kimmie Information Technology Panel Member Both kkmkwong@yahoo.com.hk
717 Mr Lam Kam Keung, Andy Insurance and Wealth Management Panel Member Both andylam8989@gmail.com
718 Mr Lam Kin Ting, Icarus First Aid Lecturer Panel Member Both kintingicarus@gmail.com
719 Mr Law Shiu Wah, Steve Property Management Panel Member Both stevel1423@yahoo.com.hk
720 Mr Lee Ngok Ming Project Manager Panel Member Both aroyley@yahoo.com.hk
721 Ms Lee Sui Wan, Anna Public Relation Panel Member Both annaswlee@gmail.com
723 Mr Leung Chi Yee Tele-communication Panel Member Both steven_cyl@hotmail.com
724 Mr Leung Chi-tat Dubbing Artist Panel Member Both hksosbbq@yahoo.com.hk
726 Ms Leung Ka Yee, Kitty Account Manager Panel Member Both kitleung.518@gmail.com
727 Ms Leung Kin Hon Sales Panel Member Both cwfcwf@hotmail.com
728 Ms Leung Pik Yiu, Eva Management Consultant Panel Member Both aveleung2008@gmail.com
729 Mr Leung Tat Leung Independent Licensed Realtor Panel Member Both leungtatleung@yahoo.com.hk
730 Ms Li Gar Men Public Relation Officer Panel Member Both garmenli@hotmail.com
731 Ms Liu Sui Chung Gemologist Panel Member Both joeliuhk@hotmail.com
733 Ms Ma Mei Ling Human Resources Manager Panel Member Both mmpheon@yahoo.com
734 Ms Man Yeuk Sze, Irene Executive (Education) Panel Member Both irenemanys@gmail.com
736 Mr NG Chi-yung Policeman (Police Sergeant) Panel Member Both ivan737@gmail.com
737 Mr Ng Yuk Sun Sales & Marketing Panel Member Both joeng717@yahoo.com.hk
738 Ms Or Kit Yee Building Construction Panel Member Both orkityee@yahoo.com
739 Ms Poon Man Ying, Maggie Clerical Clerk Panel Member Both magpoon@gmail.com
740 Ms Au Shuk Fun, Priscilla Administrator (Trading Firm) Panel Member Both soau1990@yahoo.com.hk
741 Mr Suen Chun Hang, Perry Customer Service Panel Member Paid psuen@yahoo.com
743 Ms Tang Wai Yin, Kitty Medical Aesthetic Consultant Panel Member Both kittywytang@yahoo.com
744 Ms Tse, Garina Telecom Panel Member Both garinatse@gmail.com
746 Ms Tse Sui Ki Human Resources Manager Panel Member Both sandratse@hotmail.com
747 Mr Vong Chun Fo, Alex Sales and Marketing Manager Panel Member Both mediatoralexvong@gmail.com
748 Ms Wong Wai Chi, Ruby Customer Service Manager Panel Member Both wwcruby@yahoo.com.hk
749 Ms Wong Wing Yan, Jade IT (Software Developer) Panel Member Both jadewwy@gmail.com
750 Ms Wong Shuk Fong Marketing Manager Panel Member Both avawong@yahoo.com
751 Ms Wu Suk Yee, Sabrina Garment Panel Member Both yeewu1107@yahoo.com.hk
753 Ms Yue Lok Man, Rebecca Senior External Affairs Manager Panel Member Both rlmyue@gmail.com
754 Ms Ling, Vickie Barrister Panel Member Both vling.mediator@mail.com
756 Mr Chan Chi Hing, Alnwick General Practice Surveyor Panel Member Both alnwick.chan@hk.knightfrank.com
757 Ms Chan Fung Yee, Fion Garment Panel Member Both fion_llam@yahoo.com.hk
758 Mr Cheung Chun Wai, Vincent Finance Panel Member Both vincenthkcc@yahoo.com.hk
759 Mr Ho Man Chung Quality Assurance Panel Member Both razorho@yahoo.com
760 Mr Ho Man Kin Engineer Panel Member Both mankin.ho@hotmail.com
761 Mr Hui Chun Yu, Michael Dispenser Panel Member Both am_1706@hotmail.com
763 Ms Lam Kit Ching, Sophia Financial Planner Panel Member Both cfp.sophia@gmail.com
764 Mr Lau Kwok Leung, Kenneth Trading Panel Member Both kennethlau86@hotmail.com
766 Ms Li Mei Fung Education Panel Member Both coinli.hk@gmail.com
767 Ms Lo Kar Yin QS Panel Member Both bkyrec@gmail.com
768 Ms Malony, Elsa Nurse Panel Member Both elsatsang@hotmail.com
769 Mr Ting Yuen Chun, Eric Chartered Quantity Surveyor Panel Member Both erictyc@hotmail.com
770 Ms Wong Bun Bun Human Resource Panel Member Both bunbun1030@gmail.com
771 Mr Wong, Geoffrey Management Training Panel Member Both wonggmy@hotmail.com
773 Ms Yeung Miu Chun, Suzanna Retired Panel Member Both yeungsuzanna@yahoo.com.hk
774 Ms Yeung Pin Mui, Maggie Instructor Panel Member Both pmyeung@hotmail.com
776 Ms Chan Hang Yin, Pancy Project Assistant Panel Member Both chanpancy@yahoo.com.hk
777 Ms Cheng On Ki, Janna Senior Group Manager (Human Capital) Panel Member Both jannacheng88@yahoo.com.hk
778 Ms CHOI Suen, Suzanne Manager (Manufacturing) Panel Member Both suzachoi@gmail.com
779 Ms Hong Shuk Yi, Winnie Manager (Customer Service) Panel Member Both winniehong88@gmail.com
780 Dr Li Wing Kin Orthopsedic specialist Panel Member Both dr.liwingkin@gmail.com
781 Mr Yip Chun Yu, Conrad Legal Counsel Panel Member Both conradyip@hotmail.com
782 Ms Yeung Yuk Lan, Joyce Executive Secretary (Construction) Panel Member Both joyceyeung1516@yahoo.com.hk
783 Mr Chang Hon Yuen Senior Project Engineer (Construction ) Panel Member Both thomson.chang@gmail.com
784 Mr Cheung Ho Yin Product Executive Panel Member Both hycheung_fion@yahoo.com.hk
785 Mr Wong Tai Shing, Patrick Senior Manager (Wealth Management) Panel Member Both ptswong@yahoo.com
786 Ms Sung Yan Yan, Athena Certified Public Accountant Panel Member Both syyacmfj@yahoo.com.hk
788 Mr Tsang Hin Yee Assistant Manager (IT Network Design) Panel Member Probono i@yeema.com
789 Mr Yiu, Waiky Planning Manager (Construction) Panel Member Both waiky.yiu@member.hkie.org.hk
790 Mr Chan Yin Pong Training Manager (Insurance) Panel Member Both bongoypchan@gmail.com
791 Mr Cheng Ho Ping, Joseph Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner Panel Member Both doctorsbox@ymail.com
792 Mr Yip Danny Registered Surveyor Panel Member Both dmyip2000@yahoo.com.hk
793 Ms Ching Kim Seung, Connie Certified Public Accountant Panel Member Both chingconnie@hotmail.com
794 Ms Hau Yung Yung, Vicky Qualified CPA Panel Member Both y_hau@hotmail.com
795 Mr Wong Chi Kit Project Manager (Building Engineering) Panel Member Both mickeyckwong@gmail.com
796 Ms Lam Yan Yee Manager (Human Resources) Panel Member Both tsesaiga@yahoo.com
797 Ms Law Lee Kwan, Lena Financial Planner Panel Member Both lena.law@pruhk.com
798 Mr Lo Ka Wing Teaching Panel Member Both cityu.luke@gmail.com
799 Mr Tam Chi Keung Solicitor Panel Member Both derick@ccandc.com.hk
601 Mr Ching Yun Lam Legal Executive Panel Member Both ylching@yahoo.com
603 Ms Hui, Alicia Director Panel Member Both meihui@biznetvigator.com
604 Mr Keung Chi Wah Asset Management Executive Panel Member Both keung.chiwah@yahoo.com.hk
606 Ms Ko Yuk Yee Clerk Panel Member Both vivilkyy@ymail.com
607 Mr Kwok Chi Min Retired Banker Panel Member Both cmkwok07@yahoo.com.hk
608 Mr Yung Ping Cheung, Jackson Clerk Panel Member Probono jacksonyung222@yahoo.com.hk
609 Mr Lui Hok Ming Insurance and Financial Planning Panel Member Both clifflui@alumni.cuhk.net
610 Ms Cheung Kuen Oi Registered Nurse Panel Member Probono celsiacko@gmail.com
611 Mr Gary Cheung Chartered Certified Accountant Panel Member Both garycheung56789@yahoo.com.hk
613 Mr Chan Ho Leung Anthony Assistant Investigator Panel Member Both anthonychan33@hotmail.com
614 Ms Tsang Tim Teacher Panel Member Both tsangtimjo@gmail.com
616 Ms Ngai Chuen Tai Lawyer Panel Member Both dominiquengai@yahoo.com.hk
617 Mr Lam Ka Hang Senior Manager (Insurance) Panel Member Probono lam1098@netvigator.com
618 Mrs Mak Wong Siu Chun, Sandra Public Relation (CEO) Panel Member Probono sandra.mak@a-world.com.hk
619 Ms Koo Fan Ching, Sylvia Insurance Agent Panel Member Both sylvia.koo@pruhk.com
620 Ms Fong Po Shan Certified Public Accountant Panel Member Both pofongps@hotmail.com
621 Ms Yu Dick Fung, Josephine Mental Health Nurse Panel Member Both yudfj@yahoo.com
623 Ms Kwok Oi Shan Insurance and Finance Panel Member Probono kwok.shan@hotmail.com
624 Mr Li Hon Wing Clerical Officer Panel Member Probono canaanli@yahoo.com.hk
626 Ms Wong Sze Ming, Carol Call Centre Manager Panel Member Both carolwong163@hotmail.com
627 Ms Chiu Wai Hing, Idy Solicitor Panel Member Both idy@courtroom.hk
628 Mr Lee Wai Leung, Vincent Information Technology Panel Member Both email@vincentlee.com
629 Mr Leung Ying Wai, Raymond Chief Operating Officer Panel Member Both raymondlyw@gmail.com
630 Mr Wong Hoi Hei Consultant / Online Retail Panel Member Both emilewong@outlook.com
631 Mr Chan Wai Man Finance Panel Member Probono waiman911@yahoo.com.hk
633 Mr Poon Tsz Man, Andrew Finance Manager Panel Member Both andrew.tm.poon@outlook.com
634 Ms Chang Mei Yin Social Worker Panel Member Both javychang111@yahoo.com.hk
636 Ms Li Sin Wan, Vivian Legal Adviser Panel Member Both viviansaki@googlemail.com
637 Ms Cheung Oi Wan, Irene Customer Service Manager Panel Member Both ireneoicheung@yahoo.com.hk
638 Mr Chung Tim Wah Senior Census and Survey Officer Panel Member Both ctwthomas@yahoo.com.hk
639 Mr Chan Sze Kit Commercial Industry Panel Member Both hkkelvin@hotmail.com
640 Ms Lam Yee Ki Event Coordinator Panel Member Both janicelam87@yahoo.com.hk
641 Mr Yeung Tsz Kin, Philip Marine Police Panel Member Probono yeung0821@yahoo.com.hk
643 Mr Au Bing Wing, Daryl General Manager Panel Member Both daryl_au@hotmail.com
644 Ms Chung Ka Wai Election Panel Member Both mandichung2012@hotmail.com
646 Ms Leung Suk Yu Social Worker Panel Member Both leungsukyu@gmail.com
647 Mr Choi Shing Wai Account Manager Panel Member Both st_choi@hotmail.com
648 Ms Li Suk Yi, Camila Registered Nurse Panel Member Both camilasyli@outlook.com
649 Mr Leung Wing Hong Marketing Manager Panel Member Both llarry_26@hotmail.com
650 Ms Kwung Sau Lai Customer Service Panel Member Both sallykwung@gmail.com
651 Mr Lai Chun Pong, Kobe Legal Executive Panel Member Both kobecplai@gmail.com
653 Ms Yeung Shu Nga Associate Medical Technologist Panel Member Both cczoe@hotmail.com
654 Ms Chen Cecilia Daisy Legal Education Fund Founder and Administrator Panel Member, Family Mediator Both ceciliasl_chen@yahoo.com
656 Mr Cheung Ho Yin Freelancer Panel Member Both hycheung_fion@yahoo.com.hk
657 Mr Au Cheuk Hang University Student Panel Member Both universe_plushk@yahoo.com.hk
658 Mr Fan Chun Kit Teacher Panel Member Both fanfergus@yahoo.com.hk
659 Mr Paul Wong Construction Panel Member Both paul_wong@member.hkie.org.hk
660 Ms Lam Wai Mui Social Worker Panel Member Both avisbook@yahoo.com.hk
661 Mr Leung Tak Kit, Dicky IT Director Panel Member Both dickyleungtk@yahoo.com.hk
663 Mr Li Kwan Ting, Neilson Manager (Financial Planning) Panel Member Paid neilsonktli@yahoo.com.hk
664 Mr Lee Koon Kay Dentist Panel Member Both leekoonkay@gmail.com
666 Mr Chan Shui Hung Qualified Paralegal Panel Member Both shuihung@ymail.com
667 Mr Kong Yick Him Registered Social Worker Panel Member Both sunny@sunnykong.hk
668 Mr Edward Lam Asia Pacific Facilities Manager Panel Member Both edwardlam2222@yahoo.com
669 Mr Yip Mau Shing Rehabilitation and Education Consultant for Visually Impaired Panel Member Both steven27822050@yahoo.com.hk
670 Ms Ip Tsz King, Karen Financial Planning Manager Panel Member Both karen56@gmail.com
671 Mr Lo Ho Chor General Manager (Trading) Panel Member Both alvinhclo@yahoo.com.hk
673 Mr Lo Chak Tin, Justin Solicitor Panel Member Both ctjustinlo@hotmail.com
676 Ms Cheng Siu Wai, Eva Human Resources Management Panel Member Both siuwaicheng@hotmail.com
677 Mr Leung Yuk She, Herbert Chartered Surveyor Panel Member Both herbertleungys@yahoo.com
678 Ms Chan Suk Fong, Constance Health Inspector Panel Member Both ehin@hgcbroadband.com
679 Ms Choy Man Shun, Martina Healthcare Panel Member Probono martina@ieee.org
680 Ms Eva Li Solicitor Panel Member Both aveave1@gmail.com
681 Ms Szeto Shui Ping, Men Principal Panel Member Both spszeto1@gmail.com
683 Mr Wong Wing Hong, Caleb Pastor Panel Member Both whw623700@gmail.com
684 Mr Yu Luk Ching University Student Panel Member Both ayulukching@gmail.com
686 Ms Tam Ching Han, Christine School Clerk Panel Member Both cpc.christine@gmail.com
687 Mr Li Kwong Yuen, Alan Teacher Panel Member Probono alan_1965@ymail.com
688 Mr Shiu Wing Yan, Patrick Chartered Secretary Panel Member Both shiu_patrick@yahoo.com.hk
689 Mr Lau Wai Tat Teaching Consultant Panel Member Probono lauwt066@yahoo.com.hk
690 Ms Chow Wai Lum, Teresa Elderly Home Supervisor Panel Member Probono teresa527@netvigator.com
691 Ms Lo Wai Fan, Athena Judicial Clerk Panel Member Both athenacatlover88@yahoo.com.hk
693 Mr Li Man Hei Field Service Manager Panel Member Both heihei_i@hotmail.com
694 Ms Yu Yuet Fun, Alice Chartered Secretary Panel Member Probono aliceyu@maxims.com.hk
696 Mr Tsui Wai Lam, Ivan Trading Panel Member Both ticat616@yahoo.com
697 Mr Siu Chung Yue Counselor Panel Member Both joeyeason@gmail.com
698 Mr Fong Yik Kim, Pekal Marketing Consultant Panel Member Both pekal42@hotmail.com
699 Mr Leung Kin Keung Survey Officer Panel Member Both hkmc1861@gmail.com
501 Mr Jacson Wong Customer Service Panel Member Both wjacson@hotmail.com
503 Ms Fung Ka Wai, Jennie Operations Supervisor Panel Member Both jennie_kw@yahoo.com.hk
504 Mr Wong Yiu Ming, Kenny Managing Director Panel Member Both kennywong@nht-hk.com
506 Ms Lau Ka Man Insurance Officer Panel Member Both abbylau@hotmail.com
507 Mr Chong Chun Shing Instructor (Education) Panel Member Both shing8206@hotmail.com
508 Ms Lyn Yee Chen, Jean Certified Public Accountant Panel Member Both jeanlyn@gmail.com
509 Mr Ryne Ip Human Resources Consultant Panel Member Both ryne.ip@turning-point.com.hk
510 Mr Cheung, Arthur Solicitor Panel Member Both diazonium@gmail.com
511 Mr Ku Chong Lam Residential Worker Panel Member Both thomasku1020@yahoo.com.hk
513 Mr Yeung Chik Wai, Raymond Project Manager Panel Member Both rayraycw@yahoo.com.hk
514 Mr Lee Kin Wai, David Credit Management Panel Member Both davidlee228@yahoo.com
516 Mr Chan Wai Sing Quantity Surveyor Panel Member Probono wschan4-c@my.cityu.edu.hk
517 Mr Yuen Yui Mun, Steven General Manager (Construction) Panel Member Both symyuen@yahoo.com.hk
518 Ms Lo May Fung, Suki Business Coordination Manager (Engineering) Panel Member Both lo_suki@ymail.com
519 Ms Wong Shun Yee, Marina Social Worker Panel Member Both marina_twinstar@hotmail.com
520 Mr Yu Man Kwong, Sam Safety Officer Panel Member Both yumankwong@gmail.com
521 Mr Chan Siu Lun Chief Inspector of Apprentices Panel Member Both chansl1902@vtc.edu.hk
523 Mr Simon Wong Engineering Panel Member Probono simon.tmw@gmail.com
524 Mr Cheung Chi On, Eric Principal Solicitor Panel Member Both eric.cityu.slw@gmail.com
526 Mr Pow Sing Kam, Robert Bank Manager Panel Member Both robertpow1309@yahoo.com.hk
527 Ms Ng Shuk Ying Senior Lecturer Panel Member Probono ng_lydia@hotmail.com
528 Ms Tsui Lee Kuen, Fiona Senior Customer Services Officer Panel Member Both tsuilkf@yahoo.com.hk
529 Ms Au Wai Sze, Aris Senior Interior Designer Panel Member Both sze411@gmail.com
530 Mr Chan Hung Shing, Vincent Public Administration Panel Member Both mr.vincentchan@gmail.com
531 Ms Wong Chui Fan, Idy Brand Manager Panel Member Both idywongchuifan@gmail.com
533 Mr Kok Dick Shun, Louis Psychologist Panel Member Paid louisdskok@gmail.com
534 Mr Li Lai Yin, Johnson Innovations Consultant Panel Member Both johnsonli@gracerdc.com
536 Ms Wong Sin Ha, Pauline Centre Manager Panel Member Probono shwongpauline@yahoo.com.hk
537 Mr Tsoi Kin Shing Paralegal Panel Member Both kstsoi2012@gmail.com
538 Mr Ng Wai Hung Project Manager Panel Member Both henryng0711@gmail.com
539 Mr Man Chi Wai Transportation Engineer Panel Member Both hkcwman@gmail.com
540 Ms Chow Wai Ling, Winnie Sales Administration and Marketing Manager Panel Member Both winniechow_2001@yahoo.com
541 Mr Cheung Yiu Lam Retired Panel Member Both a81078007@yahoo.com.hk
543 Mr Lam Man Shing Social Worker Panel Member Both alexlam92@yahoo.com.hk
544 Ms Wong Kwai Ying Finance Manager Panel Member Probono wongkying@yahoo.com.hk
546 Mr Leung Chi Ping E&M Maintenance Superintendent Panel Member Both cpleung33@msn.com
547 Ms Lam Yin Fan, Fanny Merchandising Manager Panel Member Probono ifannylam@hotmail.com
548 Ms Tsui Yuk Jing, Louisa Marketing Manager Panel Member Probono lvtsui2011@gmail.com
549 Mr Yeung Tak Wai Communications Officer (Social Welfare) Panel Member Both ray_tw1001@yahoo.com.hk
550 Mr Young Tim Tsan, Alan Head of Information Technology Panel Member Both ayoung@citac.hk
551 Ms Wu Kwai Fong Centre Manager Panel Member Both gloriawu125@hotmail.com
553 Ms Cheung Man Wah Associated Director (Surveying) Panel Member Both fandycheung@gmail.com
554 Mr Lau Ka Ming Civil Services Panel Member Probono laukm.mediation@gmail.com
557 Ms Wong Wing Tung, Myth Graphic Designer Panel Member Both mythoey@yahoo.com
558 Mr Chan Kin Keung Senior Sales Manager (Printing) Panel Member Both shark633b@yahoo.com.hk
559 Ms Tammy Lai Bailiff Panel Member Probono tammy.vane@gmail.com
560 Mr Young Wai Keung Sales Panel Member Both youngdaniel74@yahoo.com
561 Ms Lee Tsz Yan, Eva Marketing Officer (Banking) Panel Member Probono avacarmo@gmail.com
563 Mr Lau Wai Hon Assistant Contracts Manager (Construction) Panel Member Both mark2201al@yahoo.com.hk
564 Mr Fan Ning Surgeon Panel Member Probono fanning4506@yahoo.com
566 Ms Wong Yuen Kei Registered Social Worker Panel Member Both pondywong@yahoo.com.hk
567 Mr Tse Chun Ting, Justin Quality Management Manager Panel Member Both tsejustin@hotmail.com
568 Mr Chan Ho Ting, Mac Trainee Solicitor Panel Member Both macchan.wh@gmail.com
569 Mr Tam Sin Cheong Project Manager Panel Member Probono ronil.tam@gmail.com
570 Mr Ho Wai Hung, Joannes Senior Vice President (Banking) Panel Member Both joannes.ho@efgbank.com
571 Mr Wan Tat Shing Quality Assurance Manager Panel Member Both dwan409@gmail.com
573 Mr Ram Fong Manager Panel Member Both rfong@fastmail.fm
574 Ms Chung Sum Pui, Agnes Assistant Manager Panel Member Both agneschungwn@yahoo.com
576 Ms Cheng Wing Yan Sales Coordinator Panel Member Both wycheng1114@hotmail.com
577 Mr Fu Kin Ming, Jimmy Deputy General Manager Panel Member Both jimmyfkm@hotmail.com
578 Ms Mak Sau Ling Administrative Assistant Panel Member Both charingmak@gmail.com
579 Mr To Po Chun, Philip Assistant Manager Panel Member Both philip.to@live.hk
580 Mr Leung Kin Sing, Damon Business Consultant Panel Member Both damonleungks@gmail.com
581 Mr See Hon Kit, Walter Registered Safety Auditor Panel Member Both ir_dr_see@yahoo.com.hk
583 Mr Chow, Matthew Qualified Accountant Panel Member Both matthewchow3008@gmail.com
584 Ms Chan Wai Chong Project Coordinator Panel Member Both wandachan99@gmail.com
586 Ms Chau Suk Han, Celia Assistant Front Office Manager Panel Member Both celiachau0527@yahoo.com.hk
587 Ms Lou Pui Ying Engineering Panel Member Both hero_arno@hotmail.com
588 Ms Chu Tsui Pik, Connie Housewife Panel Member Both happyhappychu@gmail.com
589 Ms Leung Mei Bik Registered Nurse Panel Member Both jessie90309399@gmail.com
590 Ms Hung Kin Yu, Jevan Senior Merchandiser Panel Member Probono jevan324@hotmail.com
591 Ms Tang Jing Ling Student Counselor Panel Member Both jlt16838@gmail.com
593 Mr Lee Tung Seng, Terry Psychiatric Nurse Panel Member Both bonbay77@gmail.com
594 Mr Lau Chi Hung Chief Health Inspector Panel Member Both sonawind@yahoo.com.hk
596 Ms Mok Pui Sze, Jones Accountant Panel Member Both jonessiu@yahoo.com.hk
597 Mr Chan Suk Hung, Kenny Bank Manager Panel Member Both kennygolf20032003@yahoo.com.hk
598 Mr Chan Kwok Ho, Kenny Job Agency Panel Member Both kennykhchan@hotmail.com
599 Mr Mok Yeung Kei Analyst Programmer Panel Member Both simok32@yahoo.com
401 Mr Liu, Vincent Qualified Public Accountant Panel Member Probono vinceliu009@gmail.com
403 Ms Chan Chin Ying, Evelyn Human Resources Manager Panel Member Both evelyncychan@yahoo.com.hk
404 Mr Lo Yuet Sun Civil Services Panel Member Probono sunnyrept@gmail.com
406 Ms Tang Chung Yan, Yvonne Legal Executive Panel Member Both yvonnetang826@gmail.com
407 Mr Lee Wai Lun, Whelan Engineering Panel Member Both whelanlee@hotmail.com.hk
408 Ms Leung Siu Kam Branch Service Manager (Banking) Panel Member Both sk1428a@yahoo.com.hk
409 Ms Au Yeung Hoi Shan Senior Buyer Panel Member Both auyeungaggie@gmail.com
410 Mr Ngan Kwan Leung Engineer Panel Member Both kl.ngan@yahoo.com.hk
411 Ms Fok Wai Yee Civil Servant Panel Member Both fok263@yahoo.com.hk
413 Mr Chu Pak Chung, Dennis Human Resources Manager Panel Member Both dennis_cpc2013@yahoo.com
414 Mr Cheng Siu Hung, Percy Trainer (Human Resources) Panel Member Both info@hktrainer.org
416 Mr Lam Wing Chuen Civil Servant Panel Member Probono lamsamson4@yahoo.com.hk
417 Ms Leung Chi Han Merchandising Manager Panel Member Both april731@gmail.com
418 Mr Chu, Tony Management Consultant Panel Member Both mrtchu@hotmail.com
419 Mr Tsang Kam Sui, Alex Civil Servant Panel Member Probono kamsuit@yahoo.com.hk
420 Mr Vincent Shek Registered Professional Housing Manager Panel Member Both skcvincent@gmail.com
421 Ms Queenly Chung Property Management Panel Member Both queenlychung@hotmail.com
423 Ms Fung Yuen Han Journalist Panel Member Both candycandy9771@gmail.com
424 Mr Shum Wai Hung Financial Planning Manager Panel Member Both frankyshumhk@yahoo.com.hk
426 Mr Lam Ka Feng, Tony Project Management Panel Member Probono tk033@hotmail.com
427 Mr Au Tak Hung, Albert Quality Control Technician Panel Member Probono thau@netvigator.com
428 Mr Ko Po Tat, Patrick Civil Engineer Panel Member Both kopotat@gmail.com
429 Mr Chiu Yee Wing Accountant Panel Member Both samuelchiu88@hotmail.com
430 Mr Chan Yin Ching, Stephen Credit Management Panel Member Both mr.chanstephen@gmail.com
431 Mr Lai Kwun Lun, Brian Wealth Management Panel Member Both mediatorbrian@gmail.com
433 Mr Chow Lap Kwok, Patrick Director (Construction) Panel Member Both patrickchow@netvigator.com
434 Ms Chan Yuk, Cannie Manager Panel Member Both i_am_canniechan@yahoo.com.hk
436 Ms Cheung Pui Yee, Denise Financial Investment Panel Member Both denisecheung@moneyconceptsasia.com
437 Ms Chan Chiu Fong, Liliana Senior Secretary Panel Member Both chanliliana@yahoo.com.hk
438 Ms Wong Tin Wai Assistant Company Secretary Panel Member Both vivian041221@yahoo.com.hk
439 Ms Cheng Loo Ming Self-employed Panel Member Both vickiecheng411@gmail.com
440 Ms Ng Wai Han Carol Sales Management Panel Member Both carolnghk@hotmail.com
441 Mr Chan Tjin Ming, Andy Police Panel Member Probono andypheta@yahoo.com.hk
443 Ms Chan Nga Sze Assistant Manager Panel Member Both patricia.cns@gmail.com
444 Mr Lau Chun Leung, Eddie Police Sergeant Panel Member Both eddie51810@gmail.com
446 Mr Yu Chung Yin Executive Officer Panel Member Both yuchungyin@gmail.com
447 Mr Ip Siu Wai Retired Police Panel Member Probono ip718@hotmail.com
448 Mr Tsang Chun Leung Senior Merchandiser Panel Member Both edwinblade@yahoo.com.hk
449 Mr Cheng, Michael Jr Merchandising Manager Panel Member Both chengsauyipmichael@gmail.com
450 Mr Law Wai Tung, Hugo Train Captain Panel Member Probono waitung917@hotmail.com
451 Ms Lau Wan Chau, Teresa Social Worker Panel Member Both chauchaulau@yahoo.com.hk
453 Ms Au Yuen Shan, Priscilla Legal Executive Panel Member Probono ppammak@yahoo.com.hk
454 Ms Hung Ching Yee Product Manager Panel Member Both annannhung@yahoo.com.hk
456 Ms Chiu Kit Yee Art Director Panel Member Probono kkittychiu@hotmail.com
457 Ms Kwok Pui Fin, Cathy Assistant Sales Manager Panel Member Both kpf_cathy@yahoo.com.hk
458 Ms Ho Mei Lin, Carmen Management Panel Member Probono carmenmlho@yahoo.com.hk
459 Mr Leung Kwok Man Director (Insurance) Panel Member Both jackyleung1223@yahoo.com.hk
460 Ms Yum Wing Yi, Pearl Property Consultant Panel Member Both pearlyumwingyi@gmail.com
461 Ms Chan Heung Hing, Eleanor Administration Manager Panel Member Both eleanorchan28@yahoo.com.hk
463 Ms Law Chung Yan, Yvonne Marketing Panel Member Both yvonne_law@yahoo.com
464 Mr Au Kwok Yeung Engineer Panel Member Probono edwin_au2003@yahoo.com
466 Mr Lai Tsz Pun Product Engineer Panel Member Both bensontplai1@yahoo.com.hk
467 Ms Hu Yuet Ngor Assistant Supervisor Panel Member Probono winniehuyn@yahoo.com.hk
468 Mr Tam Wai Kin Banking Panel Member Both alextam301@yahoo.com.hk
469 Ms Ho Veng Ian Solicitor Panel Member Paid rebecca.mediator@gmail.com
470 Ms Tang Po Lee, Daddy Deputy General Manager (Human Resources) Panel Member Both pollytang919@gmail.com
471 Ms Cheung Suk Ying Sales Panel Member Both eaglecheung415@yahoo.com.hk
473 Ms Tam Pui Yan Dispenser Panel Member Probono tampy1027@gmail.com
474 Ms Liu Ming Yan, Patricia Researcher Panel Member Both patricia.liu@gmail.com
476 Ms Mak Ho Ling Administration Panel Member Both magicmak@graduate.hku.hk
477 Mr Choi Yee Fung Management (Trading) Panel Member Both claudchoi@hotmail.com
478 Ms Wong Sum Tim Officer Panel Member Both tim_wst@hotmail.com
479 Ms Chiu Sin Har, Sunshine Marketing Manager Panel Member Both sunshines.chiu@gmail.com
480 Ms Ho Ah Ying, Rose Retired Assistant Superintendent Panel Member Both roseayho@hotmail.com
481 Ms Leung Suk Man, Eva Merchandising Panel Member Both evaleung.sm@gmail.com
483 Ms Choy Yu Kit, Katie Assistant Marketing Manager Panel Member Both yukit.choy@gmail.com
484 Mr Leung Siu Wan Instructor (Hospitality) Panel Member Both denverleung@yahoo.com.hk
486 Mr Chan Ka Wa Accounting Panel Member Probono jy02614374@yahoo.com.hk
487 Ms Heidi Tam Financial Services Panel Member Probono h_tam@me.com
488 Ms Tam Ho Dain Teacher Panel Member Both hodain2005@yahoo.com.hk
489 Ms Cheung Yee Ping Merchandiser Panel Member Both chinnie1386@yahoo.com.hk
490 Ms Pong Shuk Fan Chief Executive Panel Member Both adapong@hotmail.com
491 Ms Yao Yuen Chang, Janet Customer Service Panel Member Both janetyyc@yahoo.com.hk
493 Ms Mok Yim Ling Marketing Supervisor Panel Member Both questioling@hotmail.com
494 Mr Leung Yan Chi Registered Social Worker Panel Member Probono tim0922a@yahoo.com.hk
496 Ms Qiu Xiaoyun Marketing Supervisor Panel Member Both onlinejoyce0905@gmail.com
497 Mr Cheang Chio Wai Financial Planning Officer Panel Member Probono mikeme426@gmail.com
498 Mr Wong Peng Kun Legal Executive Panel Member Both kazawong_macau@yahoo.com.hk
499 Mr Wong Ying Kit, Patrick Accounting Panel Member Probono PW701177@yahoo.com.hk
301 Ms Cheung Wan Ting Police Panel Member Both cheungwanting@yahoo.com.hk
303 Ms Wong Cheng I Administrator Panel Member Both sophie_onizuka@yahoo.com.hk
304 Mr Tam Hong Chung Docent Panel Member Both mhctam@yahoo.com.hk
306 Mr Chan Wing Yin Securities Broker Panel Member Both mediationhku@gmail.com
307 Mr Ngan Sze Yuen Property Management Panel Member Probono syngan2001@yahoo.com.hk
308 Mr Wong Wai Keung Engineer Panel Member Both angelowong888@yahoo.com
309 Ms Chen Kit Yuk, Cora Sports Administrator Panel Member Both bcfh328@netvigator.com
310 Ms Chan Po Na Student Panel Member Both pona810@hotmail.com
311 Ms Chan Tit Yee Banking Panel Member Both tityeechan@yahoo.com.hk
313 Mr Tsoi Fung Tat IT Manager Panel Member Both ftsoi@bigfoot.com
314 Mr Chan Ka Sui System Analyst Panel Member Both kspchan@gmail.com
316 Mr Ng Ngan Fai, Andrew Information Technology Panel Member Both 1235566@gmail.com
317 Ms Chan Shui Kwan Tutor Panel Member Both irene_chan1231@yahoo.com.hk
318 Ms Tang Kwok Kuen, Laura Retired Bank Manager Panel Member Both lauratangkk@gmail.com
319 Ms Wendy Choi Deputy Public Relations Manager Panel Member Both wendy5330@gmail.com
320 Ms Lee Yee Shan Customer Service Panel Member Both leeleehongkong@hotmail.com.hk
321 Mr Ng Chun Wai Information System Panel Member Both wcwng8028@gmail.com
323 Ms Wu Tai Ying, Ann Accountant Panel Member Both ann_wty@yahoo.com.hk
324 Ms Lam Oi Yan Media Production Panel Member Both oiyan117@gmail.com
326 Mr Kwok Hing Chung Television Production Panel Member Both joelkwok@mail.com
327 Mr So Shu Cheung Programme Worker Panel Member Paid sscsilas@gmail.com
328 Ms Yang Ching Shan, Polly Training and Development Panel Member Both pollyyang@hotmail.com
329 Ms Choy Pui Ying Legal Secretary Panel Member Probono social656@yahoo.com.hk
330 Ms Sze Shan Shan, Joey Office Worker Panel Member Both joeycc8739@ymail.com
331 Mr Sin Wing Kan Finance Manager Panel Member Both skmlch605@yahoo.com.hk
333 Ms Lam Ming Kiu Human Resources Supervisor Panel Member Both ming_kiu@hotmail.com
334 Mr Leung Wing Hong Census and Survey Officer Panel Member Both leung1902@yahoo.com
336 Ms Anita Ma Barrister Panel Member Both anitawtma@yahoo.com.hk
337 Mr Lo Tak Leung Construction Manager Panel Member Both boaz@boazlo.net
338 Ms Li Hoi Chu Retired Panel Member Both lihoichu@yahoo.com.hk
339 Mr Cheuk Yuk Ming, Eric Property Agency Panel Member Both ericcheuk96308386@gmail.com
340 Mr Lam Kwok Wah, Derek Teacher Panel Member Probono luckeagle2004@yahoo.com.hk
341 Mr Lau Ting Shing, Davis System Analyst Panel Member Both davislau@gmail.com
343 Ms Lau Shun Yee, Hity Certified Trainer Panel Member Paid mrshcheung@yahoo.com.hk
344 Mr Dai Kwun San Asistant Quantity Surveyor Panel Member Both harry300006@yahoo.com.hk
346 Mr Li Siu Keung, Karson Financial Practitioner Panel Member Both am1852.karson@yahoo.com.hk
347 Mr Wu Yongrong ERP Senior Consultant Panel Member Both wumarco@gmail.com
348 Mr Fung Ping Kee, Horace Secondary School Teacher Panel Member Both hkmea348@gmail.com
349 Mr Chin Kin Wing Catering Panel Member Probono chinkinwing@hotmail.com
350 Ms Tsang Chau Sheung, Journey Sales Manager Panel Member Both nankeentsang@gmail.com
351 Ms Chow Siu Yin, Irene Catering Panel Member Both irenecwan@gmail.com
353 Mr So Yuen Hung, Jerome Civil Servant Panel Member Both so60381938@gmail.com
354 Ms Zhang Huina Raina Social Worker Panel Member Both zhanghuina7@gmail.com
356 Ms Chan Siu Yuen Real Estate Executive Panel Member Both emmychan514@hotmail.com.hk
357 Ms Chu Ka Bo Administrative Assistant Panel Member Both bkbchu@yahoo.com.hk
358 Ms Ho Chung Ngar Human Resources Panel Member Both joannehocn@yahoo.com.hk
359 Mr Chan Tak Chun Manager (Education) Panel Member Both kentchan@live.hk
360 Ms Liang Ni Clerical Assistant Panel Member Both jennyliang0902@gmail.com
361 Ms Chiu Hoi Ki, Dora Social Worker Panel Member Both dorna87@hotmail.com
363 Ms Lam Lai Bing Store Manager Panel Member Both icylam888@gmail.com
364 Mr Chan Hon Kei Senior Sales Executive Panel Member Both honkeichan@hotmail.com
366 Ms Ng Yuen Chee, Maggie Tutor Panel Member Both jameslung@rocketmail.com
367 Ms Chan Cheuk Yee Mediator Panel Member Both u10088@gmail.com
368 Ms Ng Mon Yan Assistant Programme Officer Panel Member Both moning888@gmail.com
369 Ms Yan Chee Man, Joey Student Counselor Panel Member Both yan_joey@yahoo.com.hk
370 Ms Lau Choi Yuk Police Constable Panel Member Both yukfamily8@yahoo.com.hk
371 Ms Da Silva Khan Barbara Sofia Media Production Panel Member Both khanbarbara1993@hotmail.com
373 Ms Chan Man Yee, Minnie Manager Panel Member Both minniechan_hk@hotmail.com
374 Ms Lee Hau Yee, Virginia Administrator Panel Member Both virginlee2003@yahoo.com.hk
376 Ms Smile Cheung Radio Producer Panel Member Both smilecheung@yahoo.com
377 Mr Li Ho Yin Real Estate Panel Member Both callme@tommyli.hk
378 Mr Lam Shun Sum, Andrew Finance Manager Panel Member Both caclam@hotmail.com
379 Mr Lee Kwok Ling Property Agent Panel Member Both keithleekl325@gmail.com
380 Ms Che I Kei, Kay Manager (Surveying) Panel Member Both kay.ik.che@gmail.com
381 Ms Christine Lam Finance Panel Member Both christinelam.cn@gmail.com
383 Mr Liu Wai Lun, William Project Manager (Private Banking) Panel Member Both wwlliu@gmail.com
384 Ms Sin Hiu Yan Organizer Panel Member Probono doris.hkpoc@gmail.com
386 Ms Lee Hang Chi Business Development Manager Panel Member Probono hclee.mediator@gmail.com
387 Mr Wan Pak Kwan Laboratory Technician Panel Member Both chriskwanjun@yahoo.com.hk
388 Ms Cheung Mung Ying Secretary Panel Member Both cheungmung2010@gmail.com
389 Mr Kwok Chi Sing, Ricky Managing Director (Interior Design) Panel Member Both rickwokcs@gmail.com
390 Mr Danny Ng Mediator Panel Member Both dannyng@a-l-r.ca
391 Mr Mak Cheuk Yan, Anson Foreman Panel Member Both cheukyan000@yahoo.com.hk
393 Ms Cheung Po Lam, Emily Marketing Manager Panel Member Both emilycheung1@ymail.com
394 Ms Yip Siu Fung Financial Planner Panel Member Both ameliaysf@yahoo.com
396 Mr Ng Hi Tung Civil Services Panel Member Probono hitungng@alumni.cuhk.net
397 Ms Lee Ka Ying Teacher Panel Member Both kayokolee@hotmail.com
398 Ms Pong Wing In, Rainbow University Student Panel Member Both rainbow38@gmail.com
399 Mr Ho Ka Lok Administrator Panel Member Both kailok722@gmail.com
201 Ms Lam Ming Wai, Yvonne Tutor Panel Member Both lovebefull@gmail.com
203 Ms Alison Lam Product Specialist Panel Member Probono alison.ctlam@gmail.com
204 Ms Wong Wai Ling, Linda Banking Business Officer Panel Member Both gustalin88@yahoo.com.hk
206 Mr Chiu Wai Wing Trading Panel Member Both richardfanny@netvigator.com
207 Ms Chung Shun Ho Education Panel Member Both chungshunho@gmail.com
208 Mr Kee Man Wah, Freddy Marketing Director Panel Member Both freddykee@yahoo.com.hk
209 Mr Yeung Chee Wai, Wilson Assistant Vice President (Banking) Panel Member Both yeungwcw@gmail.com
210 Mr Ma Pang Sales Management Panel Member Both pang_ma@yahoo.com.hk
211 Mr Lee Cheuk Fai Project Manager (Information Technology) Panel Member Both ie50598634@gmail.com
213 Mr Wong Tung Choi Teacher Panel Member Both stephenwtc@yahoo.com
214 Mr Alan Leung Public Relations Panel Member Both alan@acmorganpr.com
216 Mr Leung Tai Wai, David Chief Executive Officer (Hotel Management) Panel Member Both david@ehmchk.com
217 Ms Tang Lee Ying Tutor Panel Member Both ying_yingtang@yahoo.com.hk
218 Mr Cheung Hon Keung, Ivan Senior Insurance Manager Panel Member Both ivancheunghk@gmail.com
219 Ms Chan Wing Yu, Ava Audit Assistant Panel Member Both avawingyu@hotmail.com
220 Mr Lam Wing Kai, Isaac Registered Professional Housing Manager Panel Member Both isaac.wk.lam@gmail.com
221 Ms Chong Lin Lai, Rita Accounting Panel Member Both rc1903@hotmail.com
223 Mr Lo Chong Kee, Roger Sales Manager Panel Member Both lockroger@gmail.com
224 Ms Wan Yuk Chun, Winnie Senior Project Manager Panel Member Both ycwinniewan@gmail.com
226 Ms Jung Law Fung Ying, Claudia Retired Bank Manager Panel Member Both claudialjung@yahoo.com
227 Ms Wong Shuk Fong Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner Panel Member Both ktyvonne_wong@yahoo.com.hk
228 Ms Wong Suet Ying Employment Manager Panel Member Both shirleywsy@hotmail.com
229 Mr Ho Chan San, Sunny Mechanical Engineer Panel Member Probono sunny@jinjinco.com
230 Ms Pun Nga Ting Education Panel Member Both punnt.mediator@gmail.com
231 Mr Wong Chun Kit, Daniel Electronics Engineer Panel Member Probono chunkitonline@gmail.com
233 Ms Chiu Hiu Nam Education Panel Member Both chiuhiunam@yahoo.com.hk
234 Ms Cheung Ka Yan Student Panel Member Probono myck123@hotmail.com
236 Mr Cheng Wai Leung Sales Trader Panel Member Both hencheng2001@yahoo.com.hk
237 Mr Chan Ping Sang Project Manager Panel Member Both pschan1958@gmail.com
238 Mr Man Ngo Yin Engineer Panel Member Both leo_mny@hotmail.com
239 Ms Lau Siu Ping, Margaret Administration (Kindergarten) Panel Member Both mmargaretlau@gmail.com
240 Mr Sit Wing Sum Procurement Panel Member Both hkswingsom@hotmail.com
241 Mr Fung Chi Wa, Edwin Property Agent Panel Member Both e91273647@gmail.com
243 Mr Chong Ying Kiu Insurance Manager Panel Member Both ivanykchong@gmail.com
244 Ms Yeung Yu Hung, Antonia Trainer and Consultant Panel Member Both antoniayhyeung@gmail.com
246 Ms Tsang Fung Yee Executive Assistant Panel Member Both becky.tsang@ul.com
247 Ms Zoe Ning Barrister Panel Member Both zoe.ning@hotmail.com
248 Ms Hui Yuen Ling Secretary Panel Member Both josephine4543@gmail.com
249 Mr Wong Ting Yu, Albert Engineer Panel Member Both albertwong2@gmail.com
250 Ms Chan Wai Han Education Panel Member Both candyhkg0304@gmail.com
251 Ms Tsang Kwai Ying PPMC Officer Panel Member Both lingling0326@gmail.com
253 Ms Chan Oi Yu, Meme Account Manager Panel Member Both meichanhk2@gmail.com
254 Mr Damon Wang Student Panel Member Both haluu523@gmail.com
256 Mr Leung Kin Wah, Simon Security Manager Panel Member Both sgta1125@yahoo.com.hk
257 Mr Lei Man Lok, Lucas Administration Panel Member Both leimanloklucas@gmail.com
258 Ms Yip Lai Kiu, Miranda Education Panel Member Both mlkyip22@yahoo.com.hk

List of Panel Mediators will be updated regularly.

Hong Kong Mediation Alliance accepts and gathers together committed members and provide mediation referral service without charging membership fee or referral fee.  For application to become HK Mediation Alliance Panel Mediators, please fill out online. Hong Kong Mediation Alliance reserves the right of decision to accept members.

Hong Kong Mediation Alliance follows the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance 2012 (Cap. 468) and collects, files and displays applicants' information for the purposes of training and provision of mediation service.

To ensure continuous professional development on a voluntary basis and an honour system, Panel Mediators are expected to attend related training and development programmes constituting five hours in one year.

Panel Mediator assessment and accreditation guide

Hong Kong Mediation Alliance Panel Mediators follow “Hong Kong Mediation Code” ("Agreement to Mediate" sample included) (Chinese)

Mediated Settlement Agreement sample (Chinese)

To lodge a complaint against Panel Mediator's violation of Hong Kong Mediation Code, please email us info@mediationalliance.hk 

Panel Mediators can contact us for name card arrangement info@mediationalliance.hk

Panel Mediators are welcome to join Hong Kong Mediation Profession Staff General Union (香港調解專業僱員總會), application form (Chinese only). Please mail the application form with cheque to the postal address specified on the form.  Walk in and telephone communication are not preferred.  For enquiries, please email to info.hkmpsgu@gmail.com.  Membership fees after 1 February 2014, will be HK$110 (including entry fees and annual fees), membership shall be renewed after 31 July 2014. 

Panel Mediators would be recommended to join Hong Kong Training Professionals General Union’s (HKTPGU 香港專業培訓人員總會) “Mediation Professional Committee” (調解專業委員會).  For application, please first join HKTPGU 香港專業培訓人員總會.

Panel Mediators are encouraged to have professional indemnity insurance (details I and II), please enquire direct at the insurer.


Hong Kong Mediation Alliance will not be liable to any Panel Mediator and any party who engages the service of any Panel Mediator for any act or omission by that Mediator in the performance or purported performance of the Mediator, during or outside mediation meetings. Party who engages the service of any Panel Mediator indemnifies the Hong Kong Mediation Alliance against any claims by that party or anyone claiming under or through that party, arising out of or in anyway referable to any act or omission by the Mediator in the performance or purported performance of the Mediator during or outside mediation meetings.